Saturday, October 31, 2015

Islamic Group Take Responsibility For Down Plane

Russian passenger plane crashes in Sinai with 224 people on board

      -I explained to my granddaughter Makhya just a few days ago how this is the worse time to be on this planet and not be in Christ Jesus, that the alters themselves are being commanded to return to the Lord Thy God. Saying this I want you to imagine Moses having to tell the Hebrews after they’d been a witness to insurmountable plagues cursed upon the rebellious, Moses was now explaining to them the mother lode of them all.

     -A bringer of death was coming, spoken by the Pharaoh Himself, it would claim all the first born in the land, like God summoning the six slayers of Ezekiel’s prophecy and ONE bearing an Inkhorn of mercy, life, (also see pale horse prophecy).  Of course they’d seen death before and would again but we’re talking a special occasion with them all having a direct appointment, in other words, its assassin scope was fixed and not even the children, the elderly would be exempt, not even the animals.

     -No only those having this specific choice of a Lamb’s Blood, those faithful enough to mark their doorpost (hearts) accordingly would be, well like the righteous at present. As those taken out of the evil to come, the righteous no longer suffering with the unrighteous, again covered in the blood of the Lamb’s Blood of Life, immortal. Miraculously the Marriage Supper of the Lamb hath made itself ready, those bidden were not worthy, only those washed in the Lamb’s Blood of Life, again as in Moses day, the Ancient of Days is commanding all powers that be to set us all free, crying aloud come out of her my people.

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     -Those who’ve been reading behind me know I’ve testified of such a grim reaper on American Soil attacking most of all frighten to death and horrified stampeding people. That once he captured them, that’s the entire family of them, he would lean them back and with a sword-like syringe, mankind’s false security. Justifiably, he would cruelly slay them dead where they stood, now on to the next, a True HORROR story, the end hath come, who besides those marked by the Blood of the Lamb of Judah will survive. AWAKE! Stampede, Apb, The RAM,

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