Friday, October 23, 2015

Hurricane Patricia, Stampede!

Thousands flee Hurricane Patricia

“Patricia is one of the strongest tropical cyclones globally ever observed,"

     Je sus (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, blessed are the dead who die in the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may rest from labors and their works do follow them, ROJC, Apb, People Of The Cross

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Seen to be receiving as a word of knowledge, the word “SICK,” the judgment of the Pale Horse on the map, 10/15/2015

Seen to be receiving as a word of knowledge, the word, “CARE,” the Christmas sentiment of Caring mightily on the map, 10/18/2015

Solemn an Assembly, Repent! God’s Wrath Reign

   -A Hurricane named Patricia, becomes historic with 200 or more miles per hour winds, the strongest in this region ever is right now threatening the lives of millions. That's around the same time Apostle Patricia has forewarn of cataclysmic disasters especially the closer we get to the fulfillment of the Intrepid Dream time table 2001-2017, those of which will end westernize civilization as we know it.  It's to begin with something so cataclysmic as to spend us into a pale horse/Islamic/Antichrist/Christ Jesus millennium reign, so is this a coincidence?

    They're calling it a monster,  even a beast, as so a phenomenon, I don't know how many of you read this, I posted just the other day. Although the point was, the heart gripping triple threat I saw especially against this nation, though unto mankind as a whole. That from the father (see wrath of God unto the crystal skies falling and raining down upon us), Damater, (see cataclysmic natural disasters like fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes). As so unto an epidemic of wars, 1996, (a third world war unto an apocalyptic war, namely the battle of Armageddon) that such the like horrors were no longer pending but were now, right now performing themselves in historic measures.

    I found out about a hurricane named Patricia as it passed along a news ticker yesterday, 10/22/2015, and I said, wow, I've never heard of a hurricane with that name. I had no ideal until just now how very, extremely serious and dangerous it'd become. Just so you know, I made it known years ago I don't believe in coincidence, that there's too many spirits working both for us and against us to believe in chance. The timing is just eerie for me, though as I describe in stampede said catastrophes which will grow all the more surmountable are to drive all people for which God sacrificed His Son Jesus to not apostate churches but the Repentant Alters, Jesus Himself,  Awake, Apb, The RAM,         

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