Thursday, October 29, 2015

An End Hath Come, Stampede!

An End Hath Come!

     -A Voice Declaring: “the Antichrist is to kill millions as millions go broke, the fall of the wealth of the wicked on the map 11/14/2004

     -A Voice Declaring: “God said he will kill millions, the wine press of God, the length of the horses bridle on the map 12/25/2004

     -In this dream of 03/27/2009, I witness how myriads in the country were sitting anxiously in front of their  TV sets awaiting and participating good to horrible news.  I imagined it was like a scene similar to the Cuban Missile crisis and the entire country, make that the world nervously anticipating a war between America and Russia. 
     -Although just as soon as the worse news broke -I saw readied, alert and now fleeing for their lives, for their children lives of stampeding Americans. I saw those slacking behind were come upon by a death angel in the land who laid them back to jammed a sharp, painful very large syringe into their chest, their heart.  I saw how after this deadly execution how they end up as nothing but a brown paper Mache on the refrigerator, beware.


      -The whole nation of America, even the entire free world about three years prior of those towers unto the war on the axis of evil, going down we were summon to the alters of prayer, repentance and reconciliation because a darkness was coming, now, right now, that this darkness is reigning on this earth especially since the Obama’s administration, remember.
     -I had more visions and dreams about the Anti-Christ, even the rise of those two beast John saw, one the anti christ, the other the false prophet, this is no longer a call to the alter and we go and return home and to our everyday  activities, no, now we’re talking shut the country down, stop everything, homes, schools, businesses, governments, and only with the exception of these repentant alters churches, staying, sleeping, crying and living at the alters of Jesus Christ, yes it’s that cataclysmic of a threat. Awake! Apb, The RAM,    

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