Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Targeting Terrorist

Plane crashes in South Sudan, witnesses say dozens killed
Along the (Historic) White Nile River, last week it was the Historic Red Sea, Apb

O The Blood Of The Lamb

     -HIS BLOOD be upon us and our children, His BLOOD be upon us and our children, well we never stood a chance, cursed from birth, cursed lives not living for Him, now even our kids. That is what Jesus mean, that except sinners repent, how He’ll take hold of the child, guilty blood refusing to relent death will consume them a call to repent.

      -Ok, ok, I get it, this was never mankind’s fight, only Holy Spirits and Evil Spirits need to be in this battle, not mankind fallen from God’s Grace right out of the womb, caught in the middle of a Satanic monsoon. Never in a million years could he have won, not until the Lamb of God shed Blood of His own. The bleeding potentate standing in the gap, a full payment for all having forsaken sin, now open up and sup with Him. AWAKE! Apb, The RAM, see, read more here, "The Encounter

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