Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Horrible Christmas

There Hath Been Never The Like


Peter Schiff: It’s going to be a ‘horrible Christmas’

'For Schiff, there is no one else to blame but the Federal Reserve' November 7, 2015

     I'm reminded here, of the forewarning that the antichrist will kill millions as millions go broke, 2004, as so a voice admonishing that all Americans be stripped, like His (God's) Servant Job that in 1998, Holy Spirit while I was riding as a passenger in a car showed me and the word that was used was whimsical, and I quote "how a day would come, when they wouldn't be able to give these whimsical creations away," (see worthless treasures Eze. 7:19).
     They were all speaking of a day of Righteous Judgement, another attribute of God, that all unrepentance reap the condemnation it so freely sows. This coming wrath of God was as of December 25th, yes, Christmas night of 2001, given a time table of 15.10 years, meaning between 2001-2017 America, the Free world would cease to exist. Henceforth,  just as the church age, it's dispensation expanding some two thousand years passed Christ's Cross having or allowing the World of Man expires, arriving the long awaiting Bride at God's Throne. AWAKE! Beware, Apb, The RAM, see, read more here,

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