Sunday, November 8, 2015

Two Global Killers, A Million Dead Annually

As this blessed assurance coming to me like text messages appearing at the foot of my bed and I quote, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on His Way," Holy Spirits, 02/14/2015

Aids/ epidemic, the two 'global killers, global disasters'

Tuberculosis now rivals AIDS as leading cause of death: WHO

The Blood Farmers Of Life                                                                                  11/07/2015

      -When I first created blood farmers I did it to give more revelation knowledge to what atrocities quite paramount we, mankind find ourselves in when we sow into it’s one earth, life blood and thus mankind something our Creator God, Lord, that's Christ did not intend. We don't just become blood farmers and it's not so horridly just about sexual promiscuity, but when Cain took upon himself a stone and slaughtered his own brother, this alone had to be the most surreal horror.

     -I keep asking myself about the inconceivable mind and heart terror of Hitler’s' holocaust, that a world sat back until 10 million lives were lost, and we've taken this blood. So much blood and build all the more innovative systems and zones, all at mindless inhabitants chanting life goes on. Those refusing to admit, how horrid still the day was chanted, his blood be upon us and our children, now only by Christ’s Cross are they redemption delivered. Thus It’s appointed unto all mankind to die, Hitler reaped death, even those his followers we know, you can only get out of Damater into it that you’ve sown.

      -One of the most spectacular illustration of this, one of its most fantastic lessons, was Jesus talking about the seed going into the earth and what would happen. How it would yes die, but just as soon it would reproduce life, well what we call life and living, for without shedding of blood (holocaust) there is no remission, make that no continuance, so all cursed to hell is this better description. No this blessed Lord Jesus who would spill innocent blood was talking about glorious seeds given from above. That to instead die for Him, this condemnation is without defense and passes away by ones own repentance, please take a look at the god in your mirror and ask yourself what have you done with him?

     -Looking through God’s eyes that day, driving along this extended passage way, once a wilderness of sin now this fantastic American Dream, or so it seem.  As those left on their own, from God's Dream this world they cloned, surely they not realizing or not knowing, blood alone could be it's mater (Martyr). I know there was a day God told us it was time and we talked him out of it, pleading He be kind, to remember His Mercy and Grace shed through the entirety of this place.

     -Then there was another day, when I instead pleaded it was time, how I knew now for sure, truly there was no good in man, or was it I just didn’t understand? The automobile in life’s final lesson was a white, trimmed in gold Intrepid, that finally heard their cry, "how long O God will you tarry, how long before you avenge our lives?" Though stalled by longsuffering, not willing that any perish, when just a couple months passed, well make that 2000 years, now Christ is on His Way, Our Lord now to reappear. AWAKE! BEWARE! Apb, The RAM, see, read more here,

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